03 October 2012

Halloween Bites

Chocolate skulls with walnut brains.  The world's a better place because someone thought of this!

01 October 2012

Sistine Dreams: Putting the S in Ceiling

Since our bedroom is going to be mostly white and grey, I've been trying to think of something interesting to do with the ceiling.  I really like the words on the ceiling idea, but it is too similar to what I'm planning to do for our headboard.

The herringbone and stripes are nice, though not very novel, and I love Beerd von Stokkum's fresh light ornaments; I'm constantly drawn to white on white.  However, if I were more brave maybe I would plunge into something like this:
And if I were bold and insane I could do this :)
To be honest, though,what I *really* want is this:

But, you know, for real.