30 September 2012

A Walk On the Wild Side

Living in a one stoplight town requires one to get inventive about sources of entertainment.  I remember my sister-in-law dating a boy from a tiny town and on Friday nights they went "moth hunting" - they drove their car til a moth flew in their headlights and then they tried to run it over before it could get away.  I'm not reduced to that. Yet. But I have been circling the granary every day, trying to find new angles, new views, new colours.  I'm amazed at how beautiful it's become to me, yet how hard it is to capture what I see.  I think it's healthy for me - literally, in that I walk everywhere; intellectually, because I'm challenged every day to see things in new ways; and emotionally. because I become so appreiative for the simplest of things - like the colour of rust leaching thru metal.  So... I started another website where I'm going to try to post a picture every day or so.  I only have an iPhone camera, and I can barely see out of one eye, so I don't have high expectations of producing masterpieces, but if you want to see what life looks like (to me) in this corner of the world, you're welcome to visit The Grangeville Project.

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