19 September 2012

Grangeville Idaho Granary Study #1


MelancholySmile said...

Truly stunning! I'm glad I didn't attempt the same thing before I left-- much simpler to just print off your masterpieces for my gallery wall. ;)

The Wild Life Preserver said...

Wow, taking a "could be" dull subject and creating a work of art!
I love all the different textures and interpretations for each picture...makes you want to go see this beautiful place! (Hope you don't mind my "snooping")

merelyLooking said...

@TheWildLifePreserver Snooping? Are you kidding me? I will now do my best to not follow you around like a puppy dog ... someone other than Obligated Family actually read my blog! Yay! :)

And about the granary, I'm obsessed with it. I guess it's the closest thing to a skyscraper I have here :) But those dramatic planes! They are constantly changing with the light! I have decided to start a Grangeville Project blog and post a picture a day for as long as we are here, even if all I do have is an iPhone camera. It'll be good for me.